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Cremona and its territory offer to the visitor a group of itineraries and a journey in art and culture that span from the art to music, in the name of the glorious past. The lesson of Campi comes from the medieval heart of Cremona, sixteenth-century family of painters that passed the large violin lesson of Stradivarius on horseback of the XVII century.

The Cremona center is characterized by the Commune Square with the monuments that surround it: the Torrazzo, the Cathedral, the Baptistry, the Lodge of the Soldiers and the Palace of the Commune. It continues with the Churches of St. Marcellino and Pietro, St. Pietro of Po, St. Lucia, St. Omobono, St. August with the table of Perugino, the Ala Ponzone Palaces, the Silva Persichelli Palace and the Ponchielli Theater.

The tradition of Cremona violin is represented by Antonio Stradivarius. Depositions can be found at the Stradivarius Museum in the Affaitati Palace. In the violins collection of Town Hall we find Andrea and Niccolò Amati, Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù and Stradivarius; the violins contemporary exhibition is prepared with the associate luthiers and bowmaker Stradivarius and it is placed in Stradivarius Square no 1.

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